Posted by: zyxo | April 10, 2009

Douglas Adams’ superb nonsens

Life, the Universe and Everything
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Do not read this book for the story, but just for the unusual text !
I’m reading the third book in Douglas AdamsHitchhiker’s, trilogy, namely “Life, the Universe and Everything“.
The story itself is not much but the way he writes!
I’m asking myself if he somewhere dug up a list of extremely scientific an other words that he uses in more or less random combinations when he describes the weird environments, circumstances, gadgets, mindstates and whatever.
The guy is really astonishing. Just look at the list of ‘interesting’ words/expressions I took just from pages 48 and 49:
recipriverexclusions”, “somebody else’s problem fields”, “nonabsoluteness”, “subphenomenon”, “interactive subjectivity frameworks“.
Or look how poetically he describes the sunrise : “seven billion trillion tons of superhot exploding hydrogen nuclei rose slowly above the horizon and managed to look small, cold an slightly damp“.
And this weird unexpected twists of mind keeps going on and on throughout the whole book.

Normally I do not advertise for books, but for this exceptional one, I make an exception.
By the way, if you did not read “the hitchhiker’s guide” yet, you should start with that one first !

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