Posted by: zyxo | April 14, 2009

No Free Will ?

Axial MRI slice at the level of the basal gang...
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Do we have a free will, or is it chemically determined ?

We can make all our choices, but is the fact that we choose option A something we are FREE to do, or is it already chemically determined. Or in other words : does our chemistry fool ourselves?
It is indeed a fact that brain scanners can detect your decisions seven seconds before you make them!.
Nevertheless we are convinced of our free will. Does this mean that the idea of free will is only generated in our brain after the brain made the choice ?

If this is really true, why ? What is the function of free will ? Could we not do without it ?
Life would be much easier. No free will, no more judgements about wrong choices, no more guilty feelings …
But evolution theory, Darwin, survival of the fittest etc… also had their say.
A small community with people who make the wrong choices is in danger ! So this thing of free will and the feeling that we are able to make choices and hence try to adapt our behaviour to previous experiences, to feedback from our fellow tribe members is needed to change behavior in favour of the tribe.
For you know : the research only talks about 7 seconds. A lot of decisions take a long time to make. Just think of your wife choosing a new pair of shoes …

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