Posted by: zyxo | May 8, 2009

Game complexity

Just some complexity numbers :

Number of possible combinations for the following games :

four in a row : 10 exp(14)
checkers : 10 exp(23)
chess : 10 exp(50)
game of go : 10 exp(171) The most complexe of all ! That is why computers still cannot beat the human masters !

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  1. Can you post the resource/reference of these estimations?

  2. @breakingkeyboards :
    I had the number for 4 in a row, chess and Go from a recent -paper/hardcopy- issue of (in dutch).
    For checkers I found an answer in
    Although, afterwards I also found this paper :
    I admit, I did not care very much of the accuracy of the numbers, it was just the idea of the relative magnitudes that I thought was interesting.

  3. Thinking to the games the estimations seem correct.
    Thank you for the references Zyxo

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