Posted by: zyxo | June 22, 2009

How to steal energy ?

Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Image by compujeramey via Flickr

In I found this post about a supermarket that “taps” energy out of the cars that drive into the parking lot.
It made me wonder : which are the other possibilities of letting others pay for your energy ?

Here are some examples I came up with. Feel free to add yours in a comment.


  • passing cars in front of your house
  • at traffic lights to tap the energy at the passing cars to let the lights function.
  • system to collect taxes for driving, in the form of energy, at high intensity roads,



  • fitness centers : what an energy would be produced when the fitness machines would store the energy produced by the people using it
  • tennis rackets to recharge batteries, placed in the grip


  • keyboards button pressing, mouse movements, to power the screen or webcam, ..

I am sure there are a lot more examples to be found.

Another category is not the “stealing” of energy from people but just recycling energy that otherwise would be wasted. But that is for another post.

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