Posted by: zyxo | June 27, 2009

List of animal species with 46 chromosomes

Humans have 46 chromosomes. But what about other animal species ?

There are surprisingly few comparative lists of chromosome numbers to be found on the internet. I admit : it does not make a lot of sense. What would be the scientific value of that ?

Just out of curiosity I searched around and as far as I know, below is the only list of animal species with 46 chromosomes.  I mean: at first it was the only list. Then many people just bluntly put copies of it all over the internet without even mentioning the source. So feel free to use/copy small parts of this list. But do not copy the entire list, that’s just plain stealing.  Instead I would very much appreciate if you provide your audience with a link to here.






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  1. Very interesting, great effort, thank you!
    There’s a fern with 480 chromosomes. There’s an Aeieaeieaioemaeobaeaieoiuae (formerly known as: Amoeba) that has 3600x the nucleotides that humans do.
    Why didn’t they teach me at school that all the aminos, used by life, are ALL the same isomer; that there’s a reciprocal isomer to each, and every, amino acid that makes up each, and every, of the 150K+ proteins of the human body, that is every single bit as chemically viable, as the ones used, but doesn’t appear anywhere; that there should be a reciprocal (mirror image) Tree of Life based on that, competing with the existing one.
    Or how the fact that combinations of 4 nucleotide aminos code for combinations of 20 aminos used in cell protein of itself proves that DNA is a metacode, an assignment of sets of three of four possible letters to denote one of twenty possible outcomes; that this can only by done ARBITRARILY, that there is no conceivable chemically nor biologically determinable way to arrive at such a code, that it undeniably requires a decider, a George Bush pregnant goldfish – a, no matter how far fetched, ‘intelligent’ intervention.
    Was it ETs? If so, what’s their code like? Any less meta?
    Or was it a thoughtful expression of the single unified force, that made all of space and time, and all that we perceive to be in it? If we all come from an intelligent sufficient cause, how come nobody has any evidence of it verifyable beyond a reasonable doubt, or can even prove its existence or identity?
    Conundrums and Peace to you.

  2. Gnostenwurst,
    I do not believe it takes a decider (intelligent or not) to prescribe the codon-amino acid translation rules.
    As evolution prodeeds with tiny steps the first coincidental match between a nucleotide sequence and a protein that resulted in a more efficient copying of the protein has an advantage and is selected. Then comes the second, the third, etc. As this complexity increases interrelationships between all this information-carrying molecules come into play which must make it more difficult for new ones to force themselves a way into the game. So they reached a number of twenty-odd codons. I am not sure if in some viruses or other weird organisms you can eventuallly find some deviations of the rules.

  3. How would one go about crossing a human with a Grevy’s zebra?

    • Centaur Lover,
      Like you probably, I think of a sort of centaur with stripes.
      But seriously : this would be totally impossible. It is not because the two species have the same number of chromosomes that their genetic material is compatible. It is like you would have two different books with the same numer of chapters. This does not say anything about the eventual similarity of the contents.

  4. It is remarkable that humans have 46 but other similar primates have 48. This is described in channeling by Kryon (Lee Carrol), because the humans were seeded 200 thousand years ago by the Pleiadians from the Seven Sisters star group. We have their DNA. A recent ET body found in the Atacamba Desert, an adult 13 cm tall, had DNA tests show DNA much closer to human than in chimpanzees (though it only had 10 ribs). This is revealed in the film SIRIUS. The DNA tests were done at Stanford University. The Pleiadians are an ET race also called the Nordics because they look very human, similar to modern Scandinavians. The many humanoid races of the galaxy are our family.

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