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Chromosome numbers, evolution and lies

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A certain Kent Hovind has apparently turned a “spoof” into a serious matter. in “Opossums, Redwood Trees, and Kidney Beans” he writes (but obviously does not believe it himself) that evolution goes in the direction from few to many chromosomes. Meaning that we started as a penicillinum with two chromosomes and evolve in the direction of a fern with 480 chromosomes. Of cause totally rubbish.

Here you can find other discussions by Kent Hovind on the subject and here the wikipedia description of the man.

The question is : is evolution following a certain direction like :
– getting bigger
– having more genes
– having a larger brain
– having a larger total length of the nervous system

I would say : NO

Evolution is simply an adaptation to changing environments. It is the environment that dictates the direction of evolution. If it becomes colder, individuals that better resist cold are at an advantage and consequently the mean cold resistance of the population increases. If afterwards it becomes warmer, evolution is forced in the opposite direction.

Remember : evolution has no purpose whatsoever, it is only the consequence of selection, which is not random, but favors those individuals which are best adapted tot the environment.

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