Posted by: zyxo | October 2, 2009

Link list for september 2009

Here is my link list for september 2009.
Enjoy reading (but don’t forget to take a look at my own writings too :-))

Evolution of Darwin’s “on the origin of species”
Eleven carbon removal projects to stop global warming
Sustainable fertilizer : urine and wood ash, to grow big tomatoes.
Cities are organized like human brains
10 Awesome Websites That Help You Discover the Best Web Apps
the computer/lawyer
Men Losing Their Minds Over Women
Human brain could be replicated in 10 years
Memories exist, even when forgotten
The Hottest Tweets on
Viral video about social media revolution
did you know 4.0
Wall Street’s Math Wizards Forgot a Few Variables
Scoring with Social Media: 6 Tips for Using Analytics
The most important writing lesson :”Nobody wants to read your shit”
cracking the brain’s numerical code
Schrodinger’s cat experiment proposed
First online under water observatory
Website analysis : internal search site analysis
computer ants to fight computer worms
information is beautiful


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