Posted by: zyxo | October 7, 2009

Web 5.0 : computer telepathy ?

“Telepathy on the Horizon: New Interface Allows Brain-to-Brain Communication”

Is that so ?

I thought not.

First of all, if you did not read about it or saw the video, it is a good time to do it now : (article, video)

What did they do ?

They connected brain A (a person who was thinking ‘lift left arm, lift right arm …’ to represent zero’s and one’s) to an EEG transmitter and then to an PC (pc1). This PC1 was connected via the internet to another PC2 which interpreted the transmitted brain patterns to ‘on’ or ‘off’ signals and used them to flash a light. The second person (brain B) saw the light, was also connected to an EEG transmitter and then to a PC3. This PC3 interpreted the brain B patterns to reproduce the original zero’s and ones.

OK, good technology, but definitely not telepathy.

Because telepathy is “transferring knowledge (understanded information) from one person’s brain to another person’s brain without using the normal means (gestures, speech, writing … to send and our five senses to receive). In the experiment the second person was not even aware of the information. He only saw the light flashing.
In his setup Dr. Christopher James at the University of Southampton has only used one direction of communication : “exporting” a meaningful pattern from the brain. He did this twice, once on both sides of the communication.
These one-directional computer-brain-interfaces are around several years now.

Real telepathy.

For real telepathy you should also be able to do it the other way around : put information back into someone’s brain without using this person’s senses. And that’s the tricky part. I am not aware of any experiment that managed to do such a thing.

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