Posted by: zyxo | November 1, 2009

Link list for october 2009

The Google Technology Stack
Make your web data dissapear with vanish
Scientists develop nasal spray that improves memory
where are all the robots ?
computer program sketches faces of criminals
University of Southampton scientists develop computer telepathy(youtube)
Talk of Ben Goertzel on the singularity summit 2009
minimizing complexity in user interfaces
how to demo twitter
did dragons exist ?
did dragons exist (II)

New ‘consumer-intelligence’ technology will compile detailed profiles

the origin of new genes
The Number of Parallel Universes
The Past 5,000 Years Mark a New Epoch in Human Evolution
evolution in a bottle
nearby future view of real artificial intelligence
is the Higgs boson sabotaging its own discovery ?
if Matrix was programmed on windows XP
head or tails : not 50-50
Neuroimaging Of Brain Shows Who Spoke To A Person And What Was Said
The weirdest clouds you’ll ever see !
IBM’s twitter strategy
a robot skiing downhill
5 mind-blowing webstats you should know
what will the web look like in 5 years ?
muscle-based PC-interface

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