Posted by: zyxo | November 30, 2009

Link list for november 2009

Enjoy browsing :

Douglas Hofstadters: musing on the singularity
a clever way of searching
how to really browse without a trace
you should follow me on twitter
The new era of inbound marketing
the twitter song
Top 10 Most useful Web Developers tools for Firefox
elevators to space
Sharing small snippets of information about your daily life could be generated automatically
who will edit your life ?
A Fractal Perspective on Enterprise 2.0 Adoption
10 things about google that you might not know
test your science knowledge with science cheerleaders (fun)
you think your child is smart ?
what is the meaning of “organism” ?
how ants make their nest
periodic table of marketing elements
Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Large Hadron Collider
The Über-Connected Organization: A Mandate for 2010
Is neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal free for me to use?
dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress
Why does’nt linux need defragmenting ?
Are solar cells warming up the earth ?
bounce rates
six insane laws we will need in the future
explore your twitter friends and hashtags with mentionmaps
Top Ten list of excuses not to engage in co-creation
how to achieve something
how heavy is the internet ?
Intel wants a chip implant in your brain
in the brain, se7en is a magic number
We perform best when no one tells us what to do

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