Posted by: zyxo | December 6, 2009

Top 10 lists of twitter tools

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Twitter started in March of 2006 as a very simple service to connect people by sending short messages of max. 140 characters.
Who could imagine at that time that not only twitter would become so popular, but that, thanks to their API the number of twitter tools and services would explode the way it did ?

On the internet we find a wealth of lists of twitter tools (I wrote also two of them). As the evolution rocks off the charts, and I wanted to assemble a new list I figured it would be interesting to make a meta-list : a list of lists of twitter tools.

We can find all sorts of lists of twitter tools. I figured the lists I wanted to list had to have something in common, so the list would make some sense.

It has become a list of top-10 lists :

1 BashBosh : Top 10 Tools for Twitter Freaks
2 Techcruising : Top 10 Twitter tools for a power user
3 Rssapplied : Top Ten Twitter Tools
4 Dailyseoblog : 10 twitter tools to effectively manage your followers
5 The twitter toolbox : Top 10 Tools For Your WordPress Blog
7 Itpro : Top 10 Twitter tools for business
8 Dooleyonline : My Top 10 Free Twitter Tools (and 3 Honorable Mentions)
9 Tutsplus : 10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website
10 Atniz : Top 10 Twitter Tool
11 Quickonlinetips : 10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs
12 Tendou86 : Top 10 Twitter Tools
13 Hellogiri : Top 10 Most useful Twitter Tools list for PC, mobiles and blogs
14 Top10 Twitter Tools : Twitter Tools Top 10
15 Brendanhughes : Top 10 Twitter Tools for Business
16 Hypebot : Top 10 Twitter Tools For Musicians
17 Techtreak : 10 Awesome Twitter Tools as WordPress Plugins
18 Steve-wakefield : My Top 10 Twitter Tools… and then some!
19 Thinktechno : Top 10 Twitter Tools
20 Webuildyourblog : Increase your Twitter following with these top 10 Twitter Tools
21 Warriorforum : Top 10 Twitter Tools That Everyone Should Own For Their Online Business
22 Girlopinion : Top 10 Twitter Tools
23 Twitip : 10 MORE Must Have Twitter Tools


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  3. tweetdeck is one of the best tools. i love to use tweetdeck for tweeting

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