Posted by: zyxo | December 29, 2009

10 Predictions for 2010 to 2020

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What is to come ?

1) nano-stuff.  The potentials are huge and the technology is developing fast.  Exemples : A nano-window that washes itself or Tracking new cancer-killing particles with MRI

2) Artificial Intelligence.  While the data-mining hype in the 80-s was a failure because of computer processing limits, a new wind blows trough AI that wants to create a Superhuman Intelligence. a so-called Singularity.

3) Mind-machine communication.  This is still very basic but one success after the other is published.  Example:  people type only with thoughts.  But this means more than mind-machine communication : if you ad a second mind on the other side of the machine, you have mind-mind communication : technology-enabled telepathy !

4) electric cars : Not really future any more.  With the greener mind of a lot of people, the investments in wind- and solar energy it is just a matter of years before everyone will buy an electric one.  Mine must have photovoltaic panels on its rooftop to recharge the battery when I am shopping.

5) photo-voltaic windows : photovoltaic panels are ugly when you put them on your roof.  Photovoltaic windows are just like other windows and hence why should you not use them in stead of normal ones?  But before the technology becomes really mature, we can take pĥotovoltaism into account when designing our buildings in stead of putting the panels afterwards on our roof.

6) wireless database-driven / data mining medicine (not just doctors with gut feelings) : Do you know of examples where your doctor was wrong for months before the patient or his/her family decided to go to another doctor who saw in the blink of an eye (or after some blood tests) what the real problem was?  Now databases exist and medical software to assist the doctor.  So he should see you and, guided by his software, should ask the right questions, eliminating all impossible diseases, to come up either with the right one or with extra tests to perform in order to detect the real problem. Exit medicine men !

7) movies without movie-stars (Avatar squared) : Movie stars out of work !  1. Select the people you want to be the basis for your stars.  2. Film them in their real life.  3. Load them up in your computers.  4.  Feed the computers with the scenario/script.   5. Select the looks/feels/characteristics of your stars. 6. Describe the decors.  7. Run the software  8. Evaluate the result and eventually go back to step 4 or 5. 9. Do some editing.   10. Ship the movie.

8 ) the semantic web (Web 3.0).  It will become possible to tell your computer (smarthphone, whatever that’s connected to the internet) in your own language what you want.  It will respond not based on the words, but on their meaning (in context).

9) accelerated evolution : global warming changes the environment for a lot of species much faster than usual.  They will either follow their preferred ecosystem as it moves around, or if they encounter a serious obstacle an cannot move further, they will evolve lightning fast to the new conditions.

10) robots : Real humanlike robots like the japanese Asimo will stay too expensive for a normal human being.  But a lot of military applications are possible so things like : cockroaches offer inspiration for running robots, or flying insects and robots will go at war !

I’m not the only one to make previsions of the future :

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