Posted by: zyxo | January 1, 2010

Link list for december 2009

Enjoy browsing :

Dutch PhD student produces anti-noise to combat noise
tattoos in advertising
machine allows people to type with their minds
co-processors for the human mind
Eureqa calculates scientific laws
is social media worth your time ?
amazing pictures !
why we do not care about information overload
Can “nice girls” negotiate ?
Google analytics illegal ! (say German regulators)
The idea that will make twitter more profitable than google
What matters now : 60 important words beautifully explained by 60 important people
coin tosses can be easily rigged
Brain cells reach a decision by computing probabilities
I am a God …
Ben Goertzel and the US military on the ethics of battlebots

Human enhancement : bioliberation versus biothreat
Scientists are drowning in data !
the three sexy skills of data geeks

text data quality (seth grimes) and Manya Mayes
10 things that make humans special
life before computers were invented
Shopping list of cyber criminals
5 ways humans could become obsolete
Golden ratio’s for beauty of female faces

3D fractals
SEO tools
How close are we to colonizing space ?
18 giga pixel photo of Prague
The known universe
Every 20 minutes we lose an animal species
Machine translate thought to speech in real time
Will uploaded minds in machines be alive ?
Resources for newcomers to R
Ecosystems on the run due to climate change
free services to schedule your tweets
Trending twitter topics of 2009
Data, not design is king in the age of google
Kissing the frog : a mathematicians’ guide to mating

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