Posted by: zyxo | January 8, 2010

Does Avatar show the future?

2154 is the year when an Avatar fell in love with a cute Pandoran aboriginal. Well, I like her too 🙂

A blog post by Seth Grimes made me think. Seth has some problems with what we see in 2154 : mostly contradictions and anachronisms !

Here l borrow his ideas, add mine and some comments.


Remember we are talking 150 years from now. If we compare our current world, state of technology with that of 150 years ago a lot has changed : especially electronics has made the big difference. We are also very much aware that the speed of this technological evolution is continuously speeding up (remember Moore’s law : it is exponential).

So, according to Avatar’s creators, what will humans use 150 years from now ?
– a stupid weel chair
– napalm bombs
– manned air ships and ground battle machines
– very short range missiles
– helicopters with propellers
– mechanical man-machine interfaces
– ground troops


– humans are able to control the Avatar consciousness from a distance. They must have something like mind transmission. And yet they need physical contact to handle their equipment !
– Pandorans talk to eachother, have misunderstandings, quarrels and all we know whe, humans, have. And yet there are able to communicate by means of a direct connection to their animals and even their trees. Why not connect directly with eachother and form one connected mind?

How should it really look like in 2154 ?

– As far as I am concerned they should have something like anti-gravitation, like for someone with amputated legs, airplanes and the like.
– The same anti-gravitation device should be able to pull the giant tree out of the ground (with sufficiently soil around its roots) and plant it back somewhere else, so no need for napalm bombs and all that archaic shit.
– Already now are we, humans, able to read minds, let it be very, very basic and with huge machines (eMRI and the like). The next steps are brain-machine interfaces, wirelessly connected to the internet, which will make technology-enabled telepathy possible. So everything will be mind-controlled, no actual soldiers needed on the battle field.
– By then, Artificial Intelligence will have created the so-called singularity, a super-human intelligence. This fellow will sure find better ways of getting to “unobtainium” than bombing some tree.

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