Posted by: zyxo | January 31, 2010

Link list for january 2010

My links for january. Enjoy browsing !

Lifeless prions capable of evolutionary change
Why is’nt the milky way crawling with life (S.Hawking)
100 Job Search Tips From Fortune 500 Recruiters
What is engagement and how do we measure it ?
Three questions an executive should ask for the new year (and more)
When someone googles you, what do you want to happen ?
Angels and Demon’s anti-matter
The state of technology in 2010
Dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons
Future predictions of top scientists
Executives : the data is in your hands !
25-point website usability checklist
Google’s 10 toughest rivals
The tragedy of anti-data leadership and dataphobia
top-10 science/tech stories of the decade
Why most sales forecasts suck…and how Monte Carlo simulations can make them better
Google Blog – Helping computers understand language
top-15 chemical additives in your food
What if a jury could decide if you ar guilty by reading your mind?
hyper-heuristic decision tree induction
humans were once an edangered species
scientists develop walking robot maid
How to dual-boot Vista with Ubuntu
Avatar technology could bring back Clint Eastwood at 35 years
You won’t find consciousness in the brain
Emergence of a global brain – will it happen
11 ways to think outside the box
random rules for idea worth spreading

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