Posted by: zyxo | April 1, 2010

link list for march 2010

Use your skin as a keyboard
all web analytics tools are the same when it comes to data capture
Biology wrap video : great way of teaching !
We’re all alone and no one knows why
Un-google yourself
8 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Many Comments on your blog
18 Use Cases That Show Business How to Finally Put Customers First
Keyword Research – Beyond The Ordinary
uplift modeling (=net lift, =true lift)
free will is an illusion
List of marketing tips in exactly three words
The Heineken act on 21 october
Avatars in space : a lot exists already, not #SF
The last advertising agency on earth
Nature by numbers
Will the Large Hadron Collider create a black hole on March 30 ?
eleven top cocktails
10 signs you need to get a real life
are mini black holes dangerous ? (large hadron collider)
Andrew Hessel : introduction to synthetic biology
On consciousness and uploaded minds
Who is your real competition ?
Unifying theory of artificial intelligence

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