Posted by: zyxo | April 10, 2010

How to delete yourself from facebook

On a sudden day it is like you wake up from a dream and turned to reality. And then you realize : does all this information about me is really there on the internet for everybody to see ? F**k !

So you want to close your Facebook account. Not just deactivate, because in that case facebook keeps all of your information. No ! You want to delete everything.

Here is how to do this :

1. Login to facebook
2. click on “Profile”.

facebook : profile

3. scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Privacy”

facebook : privacy

4. scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Privacy Policy”

facebook : privacy policy

5. scroll down to chapter 6.”How You Can View, Change, or Remove Information” and click in the “Deactivating or deleting your account.” paragraph on “help page” in the lower right corner of the paragraph.

facebook : help page

6. click the “submit” button in the “Delete my account” box.

facebook : delete my account

OK, finished and apparently there is no way back !

Good luck.

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  1. What problem does deleting one’s account solve?

    Let us assume that one does not want to have one’s private information available on Facebook for everyone to see. One solution is to delete all photos, leave all groups and pages, delete all private data, use the most restrictive privacy settings, and use Facebook merely as an online rolodex. No one can access the profile unless that person is on the one’s friendlist. Problem solved.

    Let us assume that one simply does not want Facebook to have one’s private information, nor one’s photos / messages. One can delete the account, but how can one be sure that Facebook has indeed deleted the data? No one is gonna go to their servers, remove a hard disk, and destroy it. Facebook may claim that they do delete the data, but from Facebook’s track record, one can’t really trust them. Deleting one’s account after one has uploaded photos and granted Facebook access to one’s personal communications gives one the impression that one has some privacy back, but the milk has already been spilled, the data is already on Facebook’s servers, and there’s nothing one can do.

    If this looks scary, I think that Google is even worse. Fortunately, Google’s track record when it comes to respecting their users’ privacy is much more impressive than Facebook’s. But, nonetheless, Google’s customers are not the users but the ones paying ads, and as soon as the ad revenues drop and Google’s business plan is threatened, we will likely see that don’t be evil BS thrown out of the window right away…

  2. Rod,
    You are absolutely right. On never knows what they really keep in their data bases.
    We can only hope that the storage price forces them to delete something from time to time.

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