Posted by: zyxo | May 1, 2010

Link list for april 2010

Enjoy browsing !

When E.T. says “hello”, what should we respond ?
don’t judge someone for what he can, but wonder what he can learn and how you can teach him
Web analytics : calculate customer lifetime value
Our way to a stable world (Hans Rosling)
Workplaces are designed for interruption (“You can’t work at work”)
Golf statistics : how good is Tiger Woods ?
How mastercard predicts divorce
10 ways to protect your private information on a public computer
Brain (mis-)interpretations
your own name or your husbands’ name ? the difference is 1,200$ per year !
Boston Consulting Group offers $16.000 for not telling this
10 productive ways to use Youtube
How should society be structured ?
Don’t talk to — alien — strangers
Megatrends and megashocks: a new view of our future world
Steer your car with your eyes, not with your hands
What to do when you made a mistake ?
Born free ! ?
The plastic elastic cyborg
5 degrees of separation in twitter

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