Posted by: zyxo | May 31, 2010

link list for may 2010

Enjoy browsing !

Welcome to posthumanity
Stephen Hawking : how to build a time machine
The LOLgraph: Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams
Charles Darwin’s family tree tangled with inbreeding, early death
Why Stephen Hawking is wrong about aliens
The internet of things
Most original out-of-office replies
5 Rules For Awesome Impromptu Web Analysis
You want to know the future ?
Measuring User Influence in Twitter: The Million Follower Fallacy
When will God destroy our money ?
S.E.T.I. or Hawking : Is it safe to broadcast our existence to the whole universe ?
David Brin on SETI and aliens
Evolution at work
There’s an Iphone app for monitoring patients during surgery !
Netflix culture
Green energy form underwater kites
tell your gut to shut up
Into the Universe- Fear the Aliens
text 2.0 will blow your mind !
self-measurement : the data-driven life
The Evolution of Evolution’s Evolution
body ownership can be transferred to a virtual body.
tips and pitfalls when measuring website conversions
Several reasons to drink beer
how to find killer tweet content
Is progress always progress ?
Amazing ! YEZ, the car that lives like a plant
12 events that will change everything
Tabnabbing”: A new type of phishing attack
Do Genes Remember?

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