Posted by: zyxo | July 31, 2010

Link list for july 2010

Enjoy browsing !

The beer geek timeline
goals gone wild
The Anchoring Effect causes people to be confused, and pay more!
Dilbert on going home early
10 myths about twitter
12 steps to a better landing page
last female rhino in Krugerpark killed for its horn !
Defining the Optimal Website Ad Rotation Using Time Series Analysis
cheat sheets, quick reference cards, reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page:
World programming wins a legal victory against SAS
Many hands make more work
The A-Z of conversion rate optimisation:
Questioning the use of targets … if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed
how smart is your brain ?
The Internet in 2020 (infographic)
Dream Logic and the quest for artificial intelligence
A hierarchy of failure worth following
the craziest idea : you have to pay to sit on a bench : automatic system !
108 ways to improve your website’s profits
how not to run an A/B test
12 Tips for developing a Successful Twitter Campaign
Want a flying car ?
Lifecycle of vacation “relaxation”: Stress on x axis, Time on the y axis

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