Posted by: zyxo | September 1, 2010

Link list for august 2010

Enjoy browsing !

always make it simpler. A wise Tesco lesson
In defense of A/B testing
test your RQ (Risk Intelligence)
social media ninjas versus gurus
The A-Z List: How Twitter Can Make You A Better Blogger
an open letter to all of advertising and marketing
Job Interviews: 20 Questions to Ask (Or Be Ready to Answer!!)
Why Life Should Be Effortless
relaxing on the beach in China …
Dilbert pokes fun at Knowledge Management
Huge list of cognitive biases
The hardest thing to do in tests is to kill things
A/B testing ? don’t forget dayparting
can you look at your employees’ facebook pages ?
Six Fundamental Shifts in the Way We Work
Artificial intelligence: Riders on a swarm
Champagne tastes better if you pour it like beer
LOL : What does it look like in a hierachical organization ?
The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.
It’s all about respecting the customer
Mankind must abandon earth or face extinction
convert data to pears to simplify your reports
hype cycle for emerging technologies 2010
The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense
Predicting Entrepreneurial Success Using Data Mining
dangerous technology : geoengineering !
The chinese bus that drives over the cars : must see !
To find out what happens to a system when you interfere with it, you have to interfere with it
gamers better find protein structures than sophisticated algorithms
Worst Practices in Data Mining
innovation is not creativity, it is the execution of ideas
five reasons NOT to CLONE yourself
four things leaders can’t give, and one they can

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