Posted by: zyxo | October 3, 2010

Link list for september 2010

Here the most interesting links (according to myself) I saw in september.  Enjoy browsing !

Always make it simpler. A wise Tesco lesson

7 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Competition

Objective “quality of live index” with elastic mapping

lonely island in the middle of the South Atlantic conceals Charles Darwin’s best-kept secret.

Gossip improves productivity

No less than 5% of your payroll should go toward data analysis

Hans Rosling on global population growth : Great talk !

How reliable is science?

Six Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

Sizing samples – how much data is enough?,

How incentives should work!

Is predictive analytics possible with web data ?

The world’s oldest living things: Including a 80,000 & 600,000 yrs old!

Beyond BI & Analytics”

The new robots will feel with their skin !

Dilbert nails it with new Marketing Manager for Social Media

We tend to ignore random chance when results seem meaningful. The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy:

finally there is a formula to understand women

The greatest dashboard in the world has no numbers on it” (A.Kaushik)

For my scientific work, I always use data, for the design I often trust my feelings. I was wrong, terribly wrong”

The best data mining algorithm ever : decision trees

Reconstructing minds from software mindfiles

do you want a mind-reading phone ?

How long until Artificial intelligence beats humans ?

A high Rsquared does not necessarily mean it’s a good model

a FREE A/B Test Significance Calculator ->

Do you know Socrates’ test of three ?

how to get cheap concert tickets

Are your protected against zombie coockies ?

you age faster when you stand a couple of steps higher on a staircase !

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