Posted by: zyxo | December 28, 2010

Cheap wines are as good as expensive ones

It is always a difficult question : which wine should I buy ?  A cheap one ? An expensive one ?  Am I sure that the expensive one will be a good one ?

A consumer organisation tested 205 red wines with a maximum price of 12 euros (~15.70 us dollars).

What was tested ?

  1. 3 taste categories (blind tasting)
  2. One general quality score, taking into account taste and some lab measurements like alcohol, sugar, acidity, sorbic acid, SO2)

What I looked at is whether the price is an indication of the quality of the wine.  Do you get a better wine when you buy a more expensive one ?

The results clearly say: NO !

Reltionship between wine price and taste category:

From the above chart is is obvious that there is no relationship whatsoever between taste category and price.  No statistical tests needed to see that.

Reltionship between wine price and quality score:

There is a negligeable positive correlation between the quality score of the wine and its price.

Conclusion :

If you want a good wine, buy several cheap ones and taste them.  Eventually you will find a very good one for a very small price.

Or do as I do : buy the yearly results book of a consumer organisation who tests hundreds of different wines.  The best wine investment I ever made.  For the price of a handful cheap bottles you get the book, containing the necessary info to buy good wines for a very reasonable price.

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