Posted by: zyxo | July 26, 2011

The customer satisfaction hierarchy

Customer satisfaction is a hot topic. Numerous studies are continuously going on to get to know the enhancers end/or dissatisfiers. Depending on the branch you work in (bank, retail, internet book shop, etc), these enhancers/dissatisfiers can be very different.
Nevertheless, if we take a step back and do some abstraction, it seems that we can distinguish different levels, analoguous to the pyramid of maslow

In “maslows hierarchy of customer service”  Naumi Haque distinguishes three levels :

  1. Meeting the customers‘ expectations
  2. Meeting the customers’ desires
  3. Meeting the customers’ unrecognized needs

At frankwatching they present a four-level pyramid :

  1. trust, reliability, value
  2. timeliness, knowledgeable, responsible
  3. Caring, concerned, helpful
  4. Fun, friendly, enjoyable, entertaining

Well, it should be no surprise, below I will present my own “customer satisfaction pyramid” which is slightly different from the two above, and for sure is put in a less cryptical language.

the hierarchy is the following :

Basis : deliver what you promise, give the customer what you make him think you should give him.  This corresponds with the first level of the two pyramids above.

Second : do it fast, don’t keep your customer waiting, and do it properly, deliver it to him the way he would like it.

Third : see to it that there are no problems for the customer.  OK, nothing is always perfect, so if something goes wrong, make it as soon as possible your own problem, not the problem of the customer.  Make it easy for the customer to get problems solved.  Make sure that when the customer complains or ask for help, you give him a reassuring, easy, satisfied feeling.    Keep it easy for him, and do the hard work yourself to make him happy.
(This one was not mentioned in the two pyramids above.)

Finally : create a WOW effect

In short : optimise in this order :  the WHAT’s,  the HOW’s, the  CURES and the WOW’s

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