Posted by: zyxo | November 2, 2016

Answer to Amélie: some simple poetry

A wile ago, I met a lovely french lady.  Her name was Amélie.
She told me this humourous poem about “aunt Amélie”, in french.  Here it is:

Ma tante Amélie m’avait bien promis
Trois poils de son cul pour faire un tapis
L’hiver venu, l’tapis est foutu
Ma tante Amélie n’a plus d’poils sur son cul

My english translation goes as follows

My aunt Amélie had promised me
three hairs of her ‘down there’ for my tapestry
When the winter had come, my rug was ruined, I swear
My aunt Amélie had no single hair left  ‘down there’


I decided to write a sort of answer addressed to that lady Amélie who told me the story:

In french:

Ma chère Amélie
tu n’es pas ma tante, tu ne m’as rien promis.
Mais pour ton tapis,
si “vas-y” tu osais dire,
je ceuilerais, plain de tendresse
et avec beaucoup de plaisir.


In english:

My dear Amélie,
you’r not my aunt, you promised me nothing
but for your tapestry
if you dared to say “go”
I would pick, very softly
and full of joy!





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