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Evolution Data Mining
Natural selection of dead matter
Does self-reproduction exist ?
What is life?
Evolution of technology
Top-10 lists on evolutions
The limit of power
Evolution of advertisements
Continuity gap in the intelligent universe
Credit crisis, evolution and hierarchies
The end of evolution
Evolution of diversity
Evolution of minerals
Evolution in blue and red
Human evolution : the future of men
The chicken or the egg ?
The pope believes in evolution
Evolution of Music
Is God the result of evolution?
Evolution towards Intelligent Design
List of animal species with 46 chromosomes
Chromosome numbers, evolution and lies.
Evolution can occur in less than 10 years
The direction of evolution : speed matters
Human evolution : amazingly fast
Will rich people become a different species ?
Our intelligence follows our mistakes
Categorical variables : Solving the overfitting problem in decision trees
Swarm behaviour, data mining and photography
Toddlers are data miners
Depressing data mining day : datawarehouse problems
Ant behaviour data mining : complete algorithm
Bee behaviour data mining : complete algorithm
Smell mining : multidimensional smell map
Image recognition software
Mining your thoughts
Sex and data mining
The top-10 data mining mistakes
Mining terabases
Ant colony optimisation : list of source codes
SAS uses Santa Claus uses SAS uses Santa …
Seth Grimes’ text analytics posts
Ads check you out
Researchers predict stock market
Good enough / data quality
Howmany inputs do data miners need ?
Why clustering is difficult
Mining highy imbalanced data sets with logistic regressions
How do you store words ?
Spoken language understanding with software
data mining with decision trees : what they never tell you
Oversampling or undersampling ?
Cost and benefits of complexity in evolution and data mining
Piqqem : Prediction market for prediction errors
Text mining : Reading at Random
Data mining for marketing campaigns : interpretation of lift
Data mining : use a gel to obtain ROC and Lift
Are you a good data miner ?
Data mining : what is a good lift ?
Making hidden patterns visible
Customers, website visitors, passing cars and forest birds : Howmany ?
Classification, Prior Probabilities and Soft Metrics
Data mining models : 10 reasons for not using them.
Data Mining at a higher level
Estimating the expected purchase amount with decision trees
The wrong diagnosis ? Blame your doctor !
Statistics conclusions are probably wrong !
The Difference between Segmentation and Clustering
Clustering with decision trees
Why decision trees is the best data mining algorithm
5 ways to generate better data mining models
Data mining, Text mining and social media analytics
Uncertainty, Risk, Statistics and Data Mining
Skills of a good data miner
Google CEO Naked ?
Distances : the biggest challenge in clustering
Honest job description of a data miner
Twitter Tools Dragons
A bunch of tools for twitter
A second bunch of tools for twitter
Shorthand re-invented
Micro Email = twitmail
Top-10 lists of twitter tools
Statistics on 250 twitter tools
did dragons exist ?
Can/do/did dragons exist ?
Differences between Men and Women Emerging Patterns
The end of sex as we know it
How do men select their partner ?
Imbalance of cheating
Why do women cheat ?
Are men and women different species ?
How do women select their partner?
Complexity, sex and the city
Why do men cheat ?
Human procreation strategies
Are men and women different?
why do men …? Why do women…?
Men are more accurate than women, or lousy statistics ?
Emergence or Magic ?
The end of emergence
Gödel, Esher and Bach online course
Hierarchies, networks and the end of civilisation
Is Google God ?
Finally a time machine
Thoughts on traffic jams
Tweeting in assembler
Knowledge Management Swarm Intelligence
Enterprise 2.0 and corporate decision making
ROI of enterprise 2.0
Aspects of knowledge management : part 0 : my start
Knowledge management or information management ?
Aspects of knowledge management : learning
Aspects of knowledge management : information sharing
Aspects of knowledge management : information creation
Information = Gold ?
Knowledge management models
15 ways to use knowledge management software
Windmill or treadmill?
Diversity versus quality of information
Swarm intelligence or hierachy?
Aspects of knowledge management : management
Aspects of knowledge management : information types
Knowledge management : the collaborative contract
Knowledge management : information generation
Enterprise afraid of web 2.0
The eleven deadliest sins of knowledge management
The 10 most important failure factors of KM
Wiki on a stick
Enterprise 2.0 : start from below
List of knowledge management lists
Museum and the zoo
Knowledge awareness matrix
Spices, make-up and knowledge management
5 ways to ruin knowledge management
Knowledge management =  change management
7 wiki-adoption techniques
Wiki on a stick (2)
Wiki on a stick (3)
Top-10 lists on knowledge management
Wiki on a stick (4)
15 Knowledge management failure reasons
Knowledge management and jargon lazyness
10 steps to create a wiki at work
List of knowledge management lists (v2)
Collaboration on the web : list of free tools
KM 1.0, KM 2.0, KM3.0 …
Some problems introducing web 2.0
The ten most important failure factors of Knowledge Management
Emerging patterns of learning
Swarm intelligence
Swarm intelligence and data mining
Misunderstanding about swarm intelligence
Is swarm intelligence applicable to people ?
Do stock traders show swarm intelligence ?
Swarm references web site
Swarm intelligence in data mining : studies in competitive intelligence
Anarchy and swarm intelligence
Through ant glasses everything looks like a swarm
Ant colony optimisation : ants or locusts ?
New technology to prevent terrorist attacks
Crowds, ratings and pheromones
Swarm Intelligence : cheating!
Swarm types and characteristics
Swarm robot
Swarm brain?
Is phalanx swarm intelligence ?
Swarm of angels by swarm of internauts
Crazy swarming ants
Swarm information transfer techniques
Swarm intelligence and hierarchies
Science or swarm intelligence ?
Stock markets are prediction markets
Swarm versus intelligence
Prediction markets : the future of elections?
Google flue trends
Wikipedia : the swarm and the intelligent
Ant swarm in our brains
Cloud thinking and scientific gaming
Twitter, human evolution and stock quotes
How smart is our brain ?
Futurism Miscellaneous
Crowd wisdom of artificial intelligent parrots
Humans 2.0?
Mind gaming : step towards e-humans
Natural selection : posthuman evolution
Futurology : top 10 emerging technologies
Control the galaxy
Self-reassembling robot
robotic insects or cyber insects
Human intelligence = human rights ?
The human cyborg
Artificial reproduction
Matter, genes, brains, RAM and ???
Software that comes to life
Jurassic Parc made in Japan
Bringing back extinct species
Singularity summit
Web 5.0 the telepathic web
Science fiction gadgets are near
Human brain copy protection by Anymind inc.
Job interview or brain scan ?
Adam and Eve : Robot scientists
New laws of robotics
Web 5.0 : Computer telepathy ?
Does Avatar show the future ?
What the heck is Mixotricha ?
Psychons : elementary particles of the mind ?
What comes first ?
A taxonomy of phychons
Why do bees cooperate ?
It is how you say it !
Altruism in animals
End of aggregation, or is it the beginning?
Opinions network
Doing what? with fractals
Does the pope believe in aliens ?
The differences between animals and humans
Watson and … Kriek
Internet is born in Belgium
Idiot string
Solar power ring : enough energy to fry the earth
6.6 degrees of separation
The family of PI
Nerve cells establish and break down contact
Complex decision to make ?
Strings, black holes : the end of the world ?
Large hadron collider explanes : LHC-rap
are we in a black hole right now ?
Should we invest in photovoltaic cells ?
Work less, win more
Dramatic diversity decrease
Managers are lousy leaders
Web surfing is brain training
After the credit crisis a climate crisis ?
Trends for 2009
Reducing my work email
Email tricks
Alphainventions analysed
How old are you ?
Reducing my work email (2)
No free will ?
Douglas Adams’ superb nonsens
No free will ? (2)
Delivering quality texts
Simple physics of snooker
Game complexity
After GIGO comes GIQO
Dangerous to click this link!
Do it standing up
How to steal energy
Simplexity : new word about old situations
Mathematics of information
Where is your soul ?
Extreme torture : do you chose the real thing or the memories ?
2008 wrap-up : first zyxo year
Are Tennis Point Counts Unfair ?
My favorite quotes
Good for the enterprise or good for the employee ?
Comparing salaries and bad conclusions make me unhappy.
It’s not being good that counts, its getting better.
Do large countries really have an advance in soccer ?
How do you handle priority changes ?
Going home early : Is it impossible to evaluate a knowledge worker ?
Mr. CEO : when you downsize, you kill people.
Cheap wines are as good as expensive ones
When is it OK to kill people ?
Are people who believe in God stupid ?
Why do we pay banks ?
Link lists Web 2.0
Link list for may 2009
Link list for june 2009
link list for july 2009
link list for august 2009
link list for september 2009
link list for october 2009
link list for november 2009
link list for december 2009
link list for january 2010
link list for february 2010
link list for march 2010
Link list for april 2010
Link list for may 2010
Link list for june 2010
Link list for july 2010
Link list for august 2010
Link list for september 2010
Link list for october 2010
Link list for november 2010
Link list for december 2010
Web 2.0 and the lack of process
2.0 buzzwords
does human collective intelligence exist ?
Information access time : 30:30:3
Science 2.0
Giving up work email
blogs and wikis versus paper
End of privacy
Web 2.0 guru prefers email
8 web 2.0 predictions
Information overload, filters, and web 3.0
Text, slides or Youtube ?
Work less, win more
How to delete yourself form facebook
Tweeting in assembler ?
Touchgraph Google : Zyxo view

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