About me

Long ago I used to be a scientist, now I am a data miner.

Zyxo is just a name I use because I like it.

I have nothing to sell, hence everything on this blog is totally free! I’m just blogging because I like it, and because, by sharing information, perhaps I can help others. So if, based on what I am writing in my blog, you think there is something I can help you with: don’t hesitate. Asking is free.

I also welcome any suggestion to improve this blog: topics to write about, suggestions to improve the layout, whatever.

The picture on top of this page, I took at Dingle peninsula, Ireland.

Enjoy reading.



  1. Evolution is not completely true. What is absolutely true is the creation of all things by the one almighty God. We have proved that the Quran is word of God. Modern computer technology is unveiling the great and unlimited intelligence which inspired the Holy Quran. It’s clear that whoever inspired it 1430 years ago knew that humans have exactly 46 chromosomes. I am talking about hundreds of phenomena related to this number in the verses talking about human creation.

    • God isn’t real, religion is bullshit and theists are clearly all brainwashed deluded liars. We don’t need insane people in this world that you very much, so grow up and face the fact that you are going to die just like the rest of us, religion or no religion. You are not special, you are merely alive by chance. Religion is divisive, appeals to the inner supremacist and encourages willful ignorance, while preaching love and acceptance of an ultimately false and childish “universal truth”.
      Lets stop tolerating the mentally ill like this and building buildings and wasting human resources on this psychological virus of destruction.

      • @Idiots
        Thanks for commenting on this topic.
        My feeling is that you see it a bit to black and white.
        Perhaps nowadays we live in a different world as compared to a few thousend years ago, where people lived in small tribes and religion was necessary to keep the tribes together an forceful enough to fight against other malicious tribes.
        Since the world has become only a few huge tribes this meaning of religion is perhaps not as necessary any more as it was before.

  2. Goodman,
    You made me curious enough to check out your site, especiallly the article about the 46 chromosomes. Since I do not know the quran I certainly do not contest what you write. As a matter of fact I find It intruiging.
    However, first of all there are a lot of intruiging coincidences in the world (what is the probability that someone wins the lottery? Still it happens all the time). And even if it were no coincidence, it is at most an indication that someone found the number 46 very interesting 1400 years ago. All the rest is added not on grounds of evidence, but on grounds of religious belief.
    As for the big bang: it was the start of the matter in our universe, but as you certainly know, matter is only one form of energy. How and why all this already existing energy turned into matter all of the sudden remains a mystery. But it is not because we do not have an explanation yet that we should decide that God was the cause.
    Back in the old days people did not know what the sun was, or lightning, so they called them God too.

    • I read your reply and I must say that you seem like a rational man. Some people start to say stupid things about religion and Islam the minute they hear such things. I agree that going from 46 to human chromosome number is a matter of belief. We cannot search anything without a certain amount of belief. However, this number is everywhere in the Quran when / where there is a talk about human creation. It’s simply everywhere even already in the first “Human” word revealed by arch angel Gabriel.

      I would love to discuss more with you. Have you noticed the article about “endless miracle of the first chapter”. I am not sure what sort of multi core supercomputer can produce such a thing. It is wonderful language and great meanings and at the same time it has many incredible mathematical systems behind its 139 letters.

      It is here:


      Have a nice time. It’s my daily run now 🙂

  3. Goodman,
    On the first sight the endless miracle of the first chapter seems indeed miraculous. Unfortunately I do not believe in miracles, but also unfortunately I am no mathematician so I cannot provide any proof that there is some simple trick behind all this.
    So for me it remains an unsolved question.

    • 🙂 It is true… All of it… Take the word of an honest man here… You see, the letter value tables were provided by different unrelated researchers.

      One researcher from USA
      Two from Syria
      By order of appearance by myself

      All I did was that I substituted the letters with the values and there are the 6 numbers all divisible by 19.

      Take further consideration at the article / site … There is more to be translated into english… Much is up already at arabic site…

      Please pay attention to the words of the first chapter… It starts by thanking the greatest mathematician God, the Lord of all creation… Calling his mercyful names, glorifying him, calling him for assistance..

      Bless you God 🙂

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