Posted by: zyxo | December 16, 2015

Why Islam will conquer the western world

We all heard about the islam terror attacks in Paris.  We know what 9/11 means. Islamic State/ ISIS / Daesh is every day allover the news.

Still, in our western world islamists, and certainly islam extremists, are but a minority.

If we look at Europe, only 7% is muslim, and a majority of them live in  Albania (70%), Russia (19%) and some former Yougoslavia countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina 60%, Macedonia 35%, Montenegro 18%). (link)

In the rest of Europe it is far less.

So why will islam conquer the rest of the western world?

Because in the last century, the western world has developed the right of FREEDOM of SPEECH.

Before that, christianity was just like islam: religion was an obligation and blasphemy was severely punished.  In that way, islam and christianity were in some sort of equilibrium. The religion itself was obligatory and there was also an obligation to spread it.  For christianity this resulted in the crusades in mediaval times.

When all that fell away on the side of christianity,  in europe religion has more or less become something that you do if you like, when you like and how you like, no strings attached.  And moreover, western people think the same way about other religions: everything is permitted.

Which created an enormous disequilibrium:

On one side the western world: do/think/say anything you like


on the other side the islam world: you are born a muslim, you will live a muslim life and there is no escape. And yes, non-muslims must be turned into muslims.

Compare it with a batllefield where one one of the two armies suddenly stops fighting and let the adversary do whatever he wants.  Which army of the 2 you think will win the battle?

So it is my opinion that, unless the western world starts taking actively the necessary actions to stop the spread of islam and restoring the former equilibrium, the grandchildren of today’s western generation will memorize the curan and worship allah in the mosque.

We are already witnesses of a change in that direction in the western society: extreme right political groups are gaining more and more adherents. Examples are the Front National in France with Marine Le Pen, and the success of Donald Trump in the USA.


  1. “Before that, christianity was just like islam: religion was an obligation and blasphemy was severely punished. ”

    Sorry but you are incorrect here, it was the Catholic Roman church who turned mainly Europe into a hell-hole..

    Aside from that common mistake, I agree with your post, Islam is steadily taking over the Western world (entirely founded upon Christian-inspired principles)…. I pity Europeans, their future is obscure and frightening

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