Posted by: zyxo | February 16, 2012

Will we forget about Alzheimer ?

I remember our first radio (when I was a little kid), our fist television set, our first computer, my first cell phone, my first smartphone …

During my whole life technology has rushed forward at an always increasing speed.

Where do we go from here?

Let us try just one possibility, namely to combine some recent developments like the internet, cloud computing and storage and mind-machine interfaces.

It seems I will have some future doctor put a device in my head that can read my thoughts and can communicate directly with the outside world. At the same time of course this device will be connected with some wireless protocol to the internet (Wifi, 3G,4G,5G…).

As with dropbox I would have some account in the cloud where I pay for extra brain capacity, eventually doubling, tripling my natural brain capacity (nice! finally I will be smart)

So forget about alzheimer.  My brain extention in the cloud will make up for each and every loss of memory or thinking capacity.

Not only I will be able to connect directly via the internet to my friends and relatives, but eventually my cloudbrain (when I am sleeping for example) will directly connect to the cloudbrains of my “friends” in the cloud.  When my biological me will wake up in the morning, I will synchronize with my cloudbrain and be instantly up to date with what happened in the world overnight.

Eventually, when / if my biological body dies (but why should it ? I will replace used parts …)  my cloud self will continue to survive… if someone keeps paying my bill.

Just some thoughts. Possibilities are endless…

And there would be some side-effects :

With the built-in gps I would always know where I am and how to get somewhere.   I would have to buy some decent antivirus, anti-spam and firewall.  I would never forget anything I see, hear or read. Even more: I will be able to seach (Google cloudbrain search?) in my memory and “think” the URL to someone else.

Ah yes, social media would be entirely different. Not only sharing thoughts,images, but also real feelings, smells, senses …

“At work” would not exist any more.  No need for pc’s, phones, desks, meeting rooms.  Everything would happen on the servers of the company with direct input from our brains.

I dare not to imagine what terrorists will do or how wars will look/feel/smell like…

Is there a brave new world coming??

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  1. My family members always say that I am killing my time here at net, except I know I am getting know-how all
    the time by reading such fastidious posts.

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