Posted by: zyxo | July 13, 2012

Put a Crowbar under your Marketing Campaign

Ever wanted to lift a heavy weight, or to open a door that is really stuck or to pull a large nail out of a beam?
The simplest thing you can do when you cannot get it done by yourself is to get help. More persons can deliver more force than one single person. Or a group of persons can accomplish more when you add some people to it.

However, if you are on your own to pull that nail, which type of help would you chose: two other men like you, or one single person with a crowbar?
The choice is obvious. The one with the crowbar will unleash more force than the two other persons together, due to the huge leverage effect of the crowbar.

It is not different in marketing
You can keep adding people to your team, but if you want to really give a boost to your campaigns, you will need someone with a crowbar.

In marketing such a person is call a data miner.

This data miner is more than just another person.  It’s the one who easily doubles, triples, quadruples the result of your campaign by optimizing the selection criteria for your target group.  An optimized selection will do two things:

  1. avoid sending lettres to, or calling people who are not likely to buy anyway => important reduction of the cost of your campaign
  2. contact only those people who are highly likely to buy => important increase of campaign success
You can find lot about the basics of how data mining works for marketing in some of my previous posts:

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