Posted by: zyxo | July 17, 2012

The 10 best free android apps

Here’s my list of favorites.  I use more than that, but those are the ones that are really useful and give me the greatest satisfaction.

(And yes, I listed 12 of them 🙂 because I did not know which ones to leave out.)

1.Google maps

Simply because it shows you where you are, and shows you the way to wherever you want to be.  The latest improvement is superb : you can locally store your maps on the smartphone. Very useful in case you do not have any internet connection when you are abroad.

2.My tracks

Because it shows you where you have been, some averages, charts of your speed and altitude,  Great when you want to hike or bike.


Literally lets you use your smartphone camera as a scanner (remember the flatbed scanners?).  No more tilted pictures of documents, no more grayscales where there supposes to be white.


The best smartphone twitter client. (I should instead have mentioned twicca here, but it kept freezing my HTC).   Tweetcaster is great! Way better than tweetdeck.


Very handy when you have a wordpress blog.


The most used app to call someone over the internet

7.Where’s my droid

Yes, in case you have lost your smartphone.  You can have it make a lot of noise, which is useful in case you dropped it somewhere under a pillow, or you can have it send you it’s location, in case it is stolen.


Makes you see in the dark, by using the (flash) led light of your smartphone.


Your diskspace on the internet


I assume you want to know what’s on your sd-card?  This app is as simple as it’s useful.

11.Opera mini

The must-have browser

12.Es fileexplorer

The equivalent of the file explorer on your pc or laptop.

And yes, I installed a lot more, but almost never use them.

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