Posted by: zyxo | September 4, 2012

Which body improvement would you prefer ?

Just for fun.

I’m curious what you will chose!


  1. I’m assuming “invulnerability” includes physical injury obviously, but also to all forms of physical deterioration (including ageing / time 🙂

    Given sufficent time with minimal risk of death, I reckon many of the other options can be achieved (flight via rocket boots etc. Who cares if I fall, I won’t die right…)


    • Indeed, I admit that the items of the list can be interpreted in many different ways. Eternal life for example could be very painful,if you are sick and remain that way for eternity. As for invulnerability, if you cannot be injured, for example in a car accident, it would still be possible to drown or something like that.

  2. All of the above 😛

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