Posted by: zyxo | April 13, 2013

10 items every man should have

Here is my very personal list of what a man should have to be happy.  I am aware that a lot of you will not agree on all 10 items and I am OK with that.  I can easily imagine a dozen other things that could add to my happiness, but somehow I feel the 10 ones below are, well, my top-10.
(to avoid any misunderstanding, 1. and 2. I do not consider as “things”, but persons)

In a random order.

3.leatherman/victorinox or hat

And now a bit more elaborated.

  1. wife/husband: Well, a human being is not meant to be alone. You can do a lot of things together with friends or colleagues, but at night, just before going to sleep, you want to put your mask aside. And then you need someone to really talk to. Someone to be your true self with. Someone to share your real sorrows, your real happinesses.
  2. daughter/son: We are here because all our ancesters, each and every single one of them, had offspring. So if we do not have any son or daughter it finishes here. We can discuss whether this is a good or bad thing, but if we do not want to stop our ancestor line here, we should follow their example and pass our genes on to the next generation
  3. leatherman/victorinox: There is always something to repair, some rope to cut, some screw to tighten, a can to open, or whatever. If you have some good quality multi-tool in you pocket like a leatherman or victorinox you feel a lot more powerful, a lot more master of the situation, a lot more man.
  4. computer/laptop/tablet: In the good old days people learned to read and write. Nowadays kids learn to “computer”, to “intenet”.  If you do not want to be looked at as someone outdated and useless, you should be able to communicate with others, with kids using their technology. “I have no email address” is not acceptable any more, even if you are older than 70.
  5. smartphone: There is always something to look up, some mail to read, some stock price to check, a picture to take, a place to locate, or whatever. If you have some good quality multi-tool in you pocket like a iPhone or Samsung Galaxy you feel a lot more powerful, a lot more master of the situation, a lot more man. For me, my smartphone is as an IT version of a leatherman.
  6. hair or hat: This is very personal. It does not mean I do not like bald people. I just means I do not want to be bald.  I still have hair, but the day all my hairs will have left me, I definitely will want to be able to cover my head.
  7. car: Unless you have plenty of time and nothing much to do, or you live in a big city where you get around faster on a bicycle than in a car, that car is very useful to save you a lot of time. You also can transport a lot more in your car than on your bicycle. And for some people a fancy car comes handy to compensate for a small … you know what 🙂
  8. bicycle: Unless you live in the country with little or no traffic you need a bicycle. For distances less than 5 km a bicycle is faster than a car, especially in town.  Add the time to walk to your car, eventually open your garage, drive and confront the traffic jams, circle around for a place to park, in that time you already would have been at your destination with your bicycle.
  9. toolset: A leatherman comes handy, but when you have big jobs to do you need the proper tools, otherwise you will ruin it. A drill, a few types of sawing machines, some hammers, some screwdrivers (preferable a good electric one) an angle grinder, and many more. When you have been a Handy Harry for some decades, you need a big car to transport all your tools to help rebuilding your kids’ place.
  10. garden: When I lived in a appartment, I hated it to have to leave my property in order to get some fresh air. When you step outside in your very own garden and hear the birds sing, see the green of the lawn, the flowers, the vegetables in your kitchen garden and know you are still at home, and all this is yours, it helps a lot to feel happy.
  11. job: OK, points 1 to 9 kost a lot of money.  Money that you inherited, or that’s just a gift from your parents is worth as much as the money your actually worked for.  But the latter feels a lot better.  It means you are able to do something that other people value and are willing to pay for.  The money you earn does not only have its own value, but it also shows YOUR value.

Have other suggestions? Let me know.


  1. Once again, an excellent post. My eleventh addition is Personal Philosophy 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I would very much appreciate if you would elaborate a bit on this, because I have somewhat trouble to see the what you actually mean. It seems a bit phylosophical.

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