Posted by: zyxo | December 18, 2013

Real explanation of IT-problems

This really happened.  Do to privacy policy I only give you the final section of the problem history:

About the problem

The problem seems to be solved but we (at least I) don’t really know how.
The problem doesn’t come from any long comments in the code I sent you (we use this macro on daily basis for years and it was not even working when I deleted the only comment in this macro).
When I got this message, I tried te relaunch SAS -> NOK
I tried to delete as much files as possible in different work directories on the unix machine –> NOK
The real explanation (as stated by this expert)
Dear collegues,
I know the reason of the problems: it’s what we call the IT Ghost, a species of creatures from the 5th dimension which are migrating this time of the year from the Betelgeuze area to the Crab nebula and are eventually teleporting through the earth.  On this occasion they can influence the spin of some Charm Quarks causing computer processes to behave erratically, with no obvious reason.
A positronic energy field of 5.000 trillion petavolt around the earth should solve the problem.

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